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We have a great, no contract solution for employers, in order to provide a better HR experience! Now you can keep all of your employee information in one place, maintaining employee records in a more organized and efficient fashion.

As local HR experts, we have seen an increased demand for HR software solutions. After much research, we have partnered with a national platform of HR software as authorized resellers, offering some of our best, customized practices integrated with an established HRIS.

Key Benefits of the HR Software

Easier Time Off Tracking

Save valuable time with automated time off requests and approvals. Easily track used and available time off and see who is scheduled to be out. 

Save Time and Money

Reduce time spent on administrative HR tasks while maintaining more compliant HR records.

Better HR Organization

Maintain HR records in one location, in a cloud-based system that is affordable and intuitive for growing companies to track employee information.


Customize how pay, title and status changes get approved. It's as easy as submitting a request, which is then automatically routed to be approved.

Multi-Site, Remote and Friendly

Customized permissions allow managers to view their employees' information. No more requests to HR to pull a file.

Electronic Signatures

Impress new hires with an electronic on-boarding packaged customized to fit your process. New hires can sign all forms electronically and get day 1 instructions.


Integrate With Other Software

An open API makes it easy to integrate other applications, allowing data to be shared across systems.